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9 Reasons To Choose EcoPlanet Cleaning

"Medicine has a rule: First, do no harm. We take that rule to heart through our eco-friendly approach to cleaning.
Our goal, however, is not only to do no harm, but also to do a lot of good" - Djuro Celic, Founder, EcoPlanet Cleaning


Why Choose Us

EC-H2O technology
process Sure, you can clean large cement or asphalt floors, or parking areas, with a power washer. But sometimes it is faster, more effective and more efficient to use a mechanical scrubber. For those occasions, we use a Tennant M20/EC-H20 Integrated Scrubber-Sweeper, purchased specifically for its superior results on factory and warehouse floors, and in both indoor and outdoor parking and storage areas. This Zamboni-like machine has a state-of-the-art vacuum system to ensure that all débris is collected for safe disposal - while minimizing harmful or annoying dust.

We use products that are free of harmful surfactants
Most surfactants are organic compounds. They reduce the surface tension between liquids, or between liquids and solids. They allow cleaning fluids, for instance, to penetrate deeply and clean faster. Your dish soap is an example of a surfactant.

However, many of the surfactants found in commercial and industrial cleaning products are harmful, even toxic, to people, animals and plants. Many are volatile and contaminate the air you breathe. Some linger in the environment, seeping into our water supply and exerting their harmful effects for long periods.

PCS MicroClean and microfibre cleaning
EcoPlanet Cleaning makes a point never to use harsh cleaning agents and large volumes of water. Instead, we achieve the highest levels of cleanliness with PCS MicroClean, an organic cleaner and disinfectant. Further, we use microfibre cloths to remove all dirt, stains and contamination in a single pass.

Cleaning with PCS MicroClean and microfibre is environmentally safe. It's faster and more effective than traditional soaps and cleaners. And, it disinfects without promoting bacterial drug resistance.

QUAT disinfectant cleaning system
QUAT disinfectant cleaning is a broad-spectrum, single-pass disinfectant and cleaner for non-porous surfaces. it is effective at eliminating mildew and most microbes, such as staphylococcus, streptococcus and salmonella. It also eliminates most viruses and retroviruses, such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and H1N1 flu.

QUAT is very powerful. It is effective and safe when used properly - as EcoPlanet Cleaning has the expertise to do. We use it in accordance with official standards for decontaminating hard, nonporous work surfaces exposed to bloodborne pathogens.

Ultrasonic cleaning system
Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves in a bath of water or non-toxic, biodegradable solvent. This system thoroughly cleans surfaces of all dirt, grime and sticky residues.

Ultrasonic's sound waves and solvents penetrate all holes, cracks and recesses. This makes the method perfect for the non-abrasive cleaning of irregularly shaped objects, such as blinds, golf clubs, factory tools - even some pottery and sculpture. When we use solvents other than water, we always filter them for re-use, and safely dispose of all dirt and contaminants.

Zero health hazard
The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is Canada's national hazard communication standard. WHMIS rates products based on the risks they pose. A zero rating indicates minimal or no risk to health and safety. Almost all of the green cleaning products EcoPlanet Cleaning uses have a WHMIS rating of zero. This means you enjoy clean, sanitized work or living spaces with no unwanted odours, irritants or allergens.

Experienced, well-trained, professional crews
We choose our people carefully. We train them well and work hard at earning their loyalty. We seldom use temporary cleaners - and never inexperienced ones.

You'll always know when EcoPlanet Cleaning is on the job. You'll recognize our staff by their clean, professionally presentable uniforms and the EcoPlanet Cleaning-credentialled I.D. they carry. As well, you'll always and EcoPlanet Cleaning staff to be personable, helpful and understanding. Each cleaning team is led by a trusted, experienced supervisor.

Competitive pricing
Because of our methods and tools, and our crews highly trained in efficient cleaning procedures, EcoPlanet Cleaning offers you a full range of services at rates very competitive with other reputable, full-service cleaning and maintenance companies. Call us for a quote!

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