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The Story of EcoPlanet Cleaning

The road to EcoPlanet Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd. was adventurous, full of twists and turns. In 1999, Djuro Celic immigrated to Canada from Yugoslavia. When Djuro arrived in Vancouver with his wife Drgica and their two children, he spoke no English, had very little money and no job. A fellow immigrant found Djuro a part-time job at $6 an hour, working for a cleaning company. Djuro worked hard and learned fast. He got more responsibility and with that came better pay. He broadened his experience.

He began dreaming. He began planning. One day he would start his own cleaning company. In 2000, with a line of credit from the bank, Djuro bought a cleaning franchise. He discovered what a highly competitive business he was in. It was a struggle to make the franchise work. To support his growing family and increasing expenses, Djuro took a day job in a factory. This meant leaving his franchise employees to run the business. And still Djuro had challenges making ends meet. With his wife, he began yet another job, this one at night, in janitorial and maintenance services. Unable to afford babysitters, they took their children with them.

Branislave and Brankica did their schoolwork while dad and mom cleaned. Then they helped their parents. They thought of it as playing. But really they were learning about work; about business; about responsibility. In 2004, Djuro took a hard look at his situation. Having others run his franchise while he toiled at the factory wasn't working. It was a turning point for Djuro. He made the decision and commitment to succeed at business his own business, one that he built himself. He quit his factory job. He enrolled in a college program for those wanting to build and run their own businesses.

How hard work, dedication and differentiation

Djuro learned how important it was to differentiate a business from its competitors. To stand out. He also discovered there was another side to the cleaning business eco-friendly cleaning. The more Djuro researched, the more he realized the dangerous effects of irresponsible cleaning practices practices all too widespread on health and the environment. He realized he could effect change. He could clean responsibly. Djuro had been looking for a differentiator, and now he'd found it a moral one. One that would make a difference. He sold his franchise and started EcoPlanet a cleaning business that would be as close to 100 percent eco-friendly as possible. A business that would never compromise the standards of clean that people were expecting.

Djuro did what his studies of successful companies had shown him. He differentiated EcoPlanet from other cleaning companies. He made it stand out. He built a reputation for integrity, for quality of work and service. He built expertise in the green and eco-cleaning environment. He grew EcoPlanet steadily, mostly by word-of-mouth. To this day, Djuro's passion for eco-cleaning, for the highest cleaning standards at cost-affordable prices, means he keeps his company on the cutting edge. He delivers the cleanest, most sanitary results for his clients, while having the least possible impact on the environment.

The future looks bright

The future looks even brighter. As advances in eco-friendly products and systems continue to evolve as consumers get more educated in the importance of ecology EcoPlanet continues its upward trend and leadership role in the cleaning industry.

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