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Full-service, eco-friendly cleaning and janitorial services for both the inside and outside of your high- or low-rise building


EcoPlanet Cleaning Services

ecoPlanet cleaning van EcoPlanet Cleaning provides full-service, eco-friendly cleaning and janitorial services for both the inside and outside of your high- or low-rise building.

This comprehensive service includes carpets, windows, hard-surface floors, work surfaces and equipment. We also inspect for places where a little repair and maintenance now will prevent costly, disruptive repairs and replacement later.

At EcoPlanet Cleaning, we clean offices and residential buildings, medical facilities, retail shops, auto dealerships, government facilities, galleries, factories, warehouses and more.

EcoPlanet Cleans Offices and Towers

General janitorial service

From dealing with minor repairs and maintenance, to general cleaning and removal of trash and recycling, our full range of janitorial and cleaning services combines state-of-the-art methods with the very best in eco-friendly supplies. We do the job right, every time. We promise you a spotless, hygienic, well-maintained working or living environment.

EcoPlanet Cleans Offices and Towers

Power washing

EcoPlanet Cleaning cleans sidewalks, eaves troughs, building exteriors, decks, pools, and other large jobs. We use low- or high-power washing, as needed, to remove graffiti, paint, grease, gum and stains from most surfaces. We then restore surfaces to their natural tone or colour. We slow the re-growth of mould and mildew. And, we use fine mist sprays for deep cleaning without damage.

EcoPlanet Cleans Offices and Towers

Dry/wet carpet cleaning

When we clean your carpet, it doesn't just look clean. Your carpet will be dust-free and hygienically clean. Our water extraction method removes all spots and dirt. We will not compromise indoor air quality with volatile chemical residues.

For our dry carpet cleaning, we use encapsulated cleaners to preserve carpets in highly soiled traffic areas. These special cleaners loosen soil and transfer it to microfibre cleaning tools - without using water or liquid solvents.

EcoPlanet Cleans Offices and Towers

Complete floor care

Regardless of the type of floor you have, EcoPlanet Cleaning can clean it for you. Our care includes stripping and waxing, and scrubbing and refinishing. We provide sealing for tiles and stones. We also provide finishing and refinishing for rubber surfaces in exercise rooms and recreational centres.

EcoPlanet Cleans Offices and Towers

Floods and restoration

When you need fast clean-up after an emergency such as flooding, EcoPlanet Cleaning Cleaning responds immediately. We remove surface water, dehumidify rooms, treat carpets and underlay to inhibit mould and bacteria, or remove the damaged carpets and underlay. We restore all damaged areas to create a healthy living environment once more.

EcoPlanet Cleans Offices and Towers

On-site property caretaker

We can help you reduce your strata corporation costs. We will provide on-site caretaker services to manage all maintenance and repairs, and to handle 24-hour emergency phone calls.

The EcoPlanet Cleaning caretaker services include move-in and move-out supervision; assistance for carpenters, electricians and other contractors; fob and buzzer programming; and handling reservations for amenity rooms.

EcoPlanet Cleans Offices and Towers

Carpet repair

We can clean and repair partially damaged carpets so that you don't have to replace them. Our certified methods, which include replacing damaged sections of both carpet and underlay, will restore your carpets to like-new condition.

EcoPlanet Cleans Offices and Towers

Power-rider scrubbing and sweeping for large areas

Our Zamboni-like power-rider scrubber makes quick, clean work of large warehouse and factory floors, as well as both indoor and outdoor parking lots. This powerful scrubber can clean large areas much faster than power washing - and leaves absolutely no splashes or messes.

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