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Our Process

A cost-effective cleaning and janitorial program to create and maintain a healthy building environment.


Our Process

To ensure that your cleaning is carried out to agreed-upon standards, EcoPlanet Cleaning crews rigorously follow a predetermined process designed to consistent results, time after time.

This process divides into four basic steps: Preparation, Tool Selection, Product Selection and Laundry.

1. Preparing to clean - Each area has different requirements - different types of flooring and wall covering; glass areas; exposure to dust; heavy traffic areas; venetian or other types of blinds; office equipment, and so on.

2. Tool selection - All the tools for each area are organized beforehand: mops, squeegees, brooms, vacuums, mechanical sweepers, sonic cleaners, buckets, microfiber and other cloths.

3. Product selection - The challenge in eco-friendly cleaning is to select products for each area that will get the
best results with the least risk to health or the environment. This means choosing the right cleaners, solvents and disinfectants, and (usually) using colour-coded cloths for each specific job or area

4. Laundry - To maintain high sanitary standards, each reusable tool or cloth must be cleaned before being used again. That is one of the reasons why we favour microfiber cloths - they attract dust, other particles, bacteria and moisture, but do not allow them to penetrate the fibres. As well as being good cleaning tools, they are also easy to clean and sanitize.


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