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The Facts...

It's easy to say that eco-friendly cleaning means not using toxic chemicals. That eco-friendly cleaning solutions don't create or leave behind annoying or harmful vapours or residues. That eco-friendly cleaning is not harsh on skin or eyes. That it's safe around children, the elderly, or anybody with a compromised immune system. Easy to say, sure. But what evidence supports these claims?

Chemical and other pollutants from industry and other sources contaminate our air, water and ground. They cost the world economy billions and billions of dollars through ruined natural resources, illness, remediation costs, and lost productivity.

It simply makes sense to do whatever we can to reduce the environmental burden of pollution. That's why, at EcoPlanet, we use recycled and recyclable cleaning cloths, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners, and disinfectants that don't promote bacterial resistance or wipe out the good bacteria with the bad.

Environmental health scientists W.J. Fisk and A.H. Rosenfeld conducted research that showed significant productivity gains and dollar savings in the U.S. from environmental cleaning: - $6 to $19 billion saved because there was less respiratory disease. - $1 to $4 billion saved because allergies and asthma were reduced. - $10 to $20 billion saved through abating sick-building syndrome. - $12 to $125 billion saved through improved worker productivity.


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