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About EcoPlanet Cleaning

EcoPlanet Cleaning has extensive experience in cleaning any size and type of commercial facility. EcoPlanet Cleaning's commitment to you is this: the highest level of clean, with the most environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes. We make green cleaning a viable business strategy that proves its value to you every day. Not only do we provide cost-effective cleaning; we also ensure that future generations will enjoy the clean, safe,beautiful environment they are entitled to.

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(noun) 1. Soundness of body and mind; freedom from disease or ailment. 2. A well-maintained environment, free of physical, chemical and biological hazards. 3. A fresh atmosphere, absolved of harsh chemicals, volatile organic solvents or abrasive cleaners. 4. A place of wellness, with vastly reduced dust, microbes, moulds, viruses, irritants and allergens.


(noun) 1. The world we live in - our land, our water, the very air we breathe. 2. A responsible society that provides diligent stewardship of those precious resources. 3. An environment enjoying a dramatic reduction in pollutants of all kinds. 4. A business space deserving of, and boasting, sustainable day-to-day practices.


(noun) 1. An action or proceeding of an unusual or spectacular kind. 2. Uncompromised standards and practices of cleaning. 3. Superior cleanliness, hygiene and environmental protection. 4. Efficient cleaning processes resulting in competitive pricing.

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