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Cleaning and Building Maintenance

EcoPlanet Cleaning has extensive experience in cleaning any size and type of commercial facility.

EcoPlanet's commitment to you is this: the highest level of clean, with the most environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes.

We make green cleaning a viable business strategy that proves its value to you every day. Not only do we provide cost-effective cleaning; we also ensure that future generations will enjoy the clean, safe, beautiful environment to which they are entitled.

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Health. Planet. Performance.

The measure of our work is in our attention to detail, our concern for health and the environment and, above all, the satisfaction of our clients.

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Cleaning Services We Provide

Building Cleaning and Maintenance


General Janitorial Service

From dealing with minor repairs and maintenance, to general cleaning and removal of trash and recycling, our full range of...

Power Washing

EcoPlanet cleans sidewalks, eaves troughs, building exteriors, decks, pools, and other large jobs. We use low- or high-power washing...

Dry/Wet Carpet Cleaning

When we clean your carpet, it doesn't just look clean. Your carpet will be dust-free and hygienically clean. Our water extraction...

Complete Floor Care

Regardless of the type of floor you have, EcoPlanet Cleaning can clean it for you. Our care includes stripping and waxing, and...

Floods and restoration

When you need fast clean-up after an emergency such as flooding, EcoPlanet Cleaning Cleaning responds immediately. We remove...

On-site property caretaker

We can help you reduce your strata corporation costs. We will provide on-site caretaker services to manage all maintenance and repairs, and...

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Why Choose Eco Planet Cleaning?

  • EC-H2O technology

    Sure, you can clean large cement or asphalt floors, or parking areas, with a power washer. But sometimes it is faster, more effective and more efficient to use...

  • We use products that are free of harmful surfactants

    Most surfactants are organic compounds. They reduce the surface tension between liquids, or between liquids and solids. They allow cleaning fluids, for instance, to penetrate deeply and clean faster. Your...

  • PCS MicroClean and microfibre cleaning

    EcoPlanet Cleaning makes a point never to use harsh cleaning agents and large volumes of water. Instead, we achieve the highest levels of cleanliness with PCS MicroClean, an organic cleaner and disinfectant.

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Our Environmental Practices

Chemical and other pollutants from industry and other sources contaminate our air, water and ground. They cost the world economy billions and billions of dollars through ruined natural resources, illness, remediation costs,
and lost productivity.

It simply makes sense to do whatever we can to reduce the environmental burden of pollution. That's why, at EcoPlanet, we use recycled and recyclable cleaning cloths, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners, and disinfectants that don't promote bacterial resistance or wipe out the good bacteria with the bad.

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